Will you be voting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to an elected Birmingham mayor?

On 3rd May 2012 Birmingham voters will get to decide whether or not Birmingham will have an elected mayor in a referendum. How clued-up do you feel about the debate? A recent BBC report suggests that more needs to be done to make voters aware.

Yes to a Birmingham MayorThe arguments from the ‘For’ camp can be found at yestobirminghammayor.com. The site includes some simple explanations on the whys and wherefores of the referendum and their campaign and vox pop videos of Brummies’ reflections on their city and thoughts on what an elected mayor might do.

The No to Birmingham Mayor campaign recently hit the headlines with a new leaflet, in which it ‘compares itself to battle against Hitler’. You can find out more about the arguments against an elected mayor at votenotoapowerfreak.co.uk.

no-to-an-elected-mayor-campaign-leaflet-410920618Also check out The Guardian’s Questions answered: an elected mayor for Birmingham, Simon Gray’s list of for and against points and B31 Voices’ excellent interview with Sion Simon on electing a Mayor for Birmingham, described by one reader as ‘the clearest description I’ve read about the whole mayor thing. Comprehensive and readable.’

And if you’re still undecided why not attend The Big Brum Debate, a free event organised by the Yes to Birmingham Mayor campaign at the Town Hall at 2-4pm on Sunday 15th April.

In the build-up to The Big Brum Debate the campaign team are taking part in some smaller, coffee shop meetings where attendees can discuss the pros and cons and potential local impact of an elected Mayor. Email julia@yestobrummayor.com if you’d like to host or organise a debate in one of Digbeth’s many coffee shops!

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7 Responses to Will you be voting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to an elected Birmingham mayor?

  1. Sas Taylor says:

    Nicky, you’re clearly doing that Google thang all wrong 😉 The campaign against a Brum Mayor can be found at the imaginatively titled Vote No to a Power Freak

    Obv. 😉

  2. That’s hilarious! 😀 I’m finding it hard to believe the No campaign isn’t a joke if I’m honest. Which is sad – they may very well have some valid arguments but they’ve turned their campaign into such a farce it’s impossible to take it seriously!

    Anyway, ta very much I’ve altered the post! 🙂

    Hope you and Marty and kidlets are well Xx

  3. simon gray says:

    There’s also the objective list of for and against points I compiled at http://www.birmingham-alive.com/should-birmingham-have-a-directly-elected-mayor/ which people may find useful in coming to their decision.

  4. simon gray says:

    (the wrangl itself is at http://wrangl.com/mayorforbirmingham if the embed fails, which it sometimes does)

  5. Thanks Simon! 🙂

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