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Putting the Flatpack film festival on the map | Film | – A very interesting article about the Flatpack Festival and its role as ‘head cheerleader’ for We Are Eastside, which reflects on both the potential and pitfalls of “artistic rejuvenation of former factory city”:

The problem with Digbeth as an arts district is this: almost nobody lives there. Unlike London’s East End, which has thrived as a place for artists to live and work, Digbeth is essentially deserted at night and on weekends. During the festival, especially after 6pm, most of the people on the street were obviously festivalgoers. Digbeth high street is basically a multi-lane motorway lined with car dealerships. Bus service is patchy. Taxis and minicabs are rare. There is no post office and spotty street lighting at best. The area doesn’t even have a cashpoint. You can’t really just wander over here for the evening: you have to plan for it.

A few of us live here. And believe me, it’s not just festivalgoers bothered by All Of The Above.

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