When Harry Palmer suggested I write an article for the forthcoming edition of Eccentric City, I decided to expand upon a blog post idea I already had in mind – a trail of Digbeth animal life, both real and painted/sculpted. This I did with the help of Pete Ashton’s great photography, and it looks like my words are finally going to appear in hard copy print!

It was great fun to do and we ended up stumbling across far more than I was aware of, or could include in the article. I gave poor Pete the fright of his life when I suddenly pointed and screamed, “THERE’S A GORILLA!” And I really enjoyed getting to meet the sheep in Mr Meat Ltd up close. Guardoggy was unfortunately not at home. I felt the inevitable google map of the trail warranted its own page, so click on the Faunography tab to see it. Let me know if I’ve left any of your furry friends out.

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