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Dr Bristow’s Movie-a-go-go — The Dirty Bristow Film Club – Are you one of those annoying people who can’t help but shout at the TV or cinema screen? Then Dr Bristow’s Movie-a-go-go is for you:

Giving movies the collective gang-kicking they thoroughly deserve, the team behind Britain’s most inappropriately named magazine invite you to limber those tweeting fingers, sharpen those tongues, and come down to the Custard Factory where we will be dragging in a cinematic sacrificial lamb for you to tear apart.

Utilising our unique Tweet-o-vision the audience is invited to add its own commentary to the film offerings, with games, prizes and enough snark to sink James Cameron’s Titanic, Doctor Bristow’s Movie-a-go-go is the cinema that not only allows using your mobile when the film’s started, but demands it with craven fist.

The first ‘sacrificil lamb’ is the God-awful Showgirls, which will be screened at the Custard Factory tomorrow (Wednesday 9th November) at 7pm. Entry is £6.50. Watch the video above for an idea of how the film-with-commentary will play itself out.

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