D&P Textiles fire: the morning after

d&p textile fire: morning after 2

I took a stroll down Cheapside today to take a look at what was left of the D&P Textiles warehouse after the massive fire yesterday.  As you can see from the photos, quite a bit of damage has been done – the roof of the storage area has completely gone.

d&p textile fire: morning after 1

One of the guys clearing up said, “It’s made a lot of mess.  But it’s made the news, it’s made this area famous.”  Although I’d like to think Digbeth can be famous for a bit more than a fire, he’s not wrong:

  • BBC News reported on the ‘suspicious’ nature of the fire and the building’s asbestos roof, which apparently ‘poses no risk to the public’. Good to know.
  • The Birmingham Post quoted a lot of numbers – ’45 firemen tackled the blaze…ten engines, three main jets and a hydraulic platform had been used to douse the fire.’
  • The Express and Star disagreed with the Birmingham Post and said there were 60 firemen. They’ve got a picture of three of them squirting hosepipes at the blaze.
  • The Birmingham Mail predicted Monday morning ‘commuter misery’ due to resulting road closures, which I was surprised by as the Bradford Street entrance to Rea Street was open by the end of Sunday and Cheapside is not a major route road. Did anyone experience any problems this morning?

d&p textile fire: morning after 3

According to an update report on BBC News today, Managing Director of D&P Textiles Phil King has promised the factory will reopen soon, and ‘he hoped his workforce of 35 women would be back at their machines within the next couple of weeks.’ Let’s hope the mammouth clean-up operation he faces goes as smoothly as possible.

DiGpuss find: Red and Gold ribbon, survivor of the D&P Textiles fire

Thank God the only casualties were clothes.  However, I did manage to find one surviving item – a lone piece red and gold ribbon.  This now has a new home in the DiGpuss Shop of found items.

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