Digbeth Fun Day – Thanks!

The first ever Digbeth Fun Day occured yesterday, the 14th August 2011, and by all accounts was a great success!

The crowd were entertained by live acoustic music, were hydrated with refreshing pigeon ale and cider and fed with delicious veggie curry.



Thank you to everyone who attended, you are what made the event a success.

However, I must thank a few special people for helping to actually run the event:


I’m sure I’ve forgotten to thank some people, not intentionally, but it was the efforts of many people that allowed the event to go ahead. I would be really grateful of any feedback from Digbeth Fun Day goers about the event: please email me.

Although all the costs from the event have not yet been covered, it would appear that the day made just short of £100 to be shared equally between Digbeth Residents Association and Project Pigeon.

What a fantastic result! 🙂

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  1. Noddy says:

    It was great fun. Thanks to all who helped produce a typically zany “Digbeth” day. More of you should have come. I think the Free State of Digbeth flag should have on it “Mad People Live Here”.

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