Beorma Rising

After more than five years waiting, it seems the 30-storey tower of the Beorma Quarter will rise in 2016, following unanimous support by the council’s planning committee earlier this month.

This second part of the project will have 125 apartments, each with its own private winter garden, and shops at ground floor level alongside offices. The historic buildings at 135-139 Digbeth will also be restored in this phase.

Architects at Broadway Malyan took time to meet with representatives from Digbeth Residents Association ahead of the final planning committee meeting. They presented their sympathetic plans to much support from local residents.

The scheme expresses the site’s medieval burgage plots in the design of the tower, and reflects the underlying changing geology of the area in the tower façades. It also offers public space at the centre of the development, encouraging movement between the buildings rather than shutting people out.

The final phase of the project will create two further office and residential blocks off Well Lane at the rear of the site, containing a further 69 apartments and four live/work units.

More pictures and information can be found on the Broadway Malyan website here.

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2 Responses to Beorma Rising

  1. Philip says:

    We’ve waited for this for years. Has it started yet?

  2. Pamela Pinski says:

    Not yet! Enabling works are happening, but the demolition of the site hasn’t yet taken place. There is security fencing around the site, and the bus stops on Digbeth have been closed, which makes me believe the demolition is imminent!

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