Art lauches this Friday evening at Eastside Projects and We Are Bordesley

There’s a couple of arts launches tomorrow, so don’t just head straight home after a busy day in the office, stick around Digbeth and soak up some creative.  Here’s what’s on:


Join Eastside Projects at 6-9pm for the launch of a new solo exhibition by Düsseldorf- and London-based artist group hobbypopMUSEUM. According to We Are Eastside, there will be ‘some Pimm’s within the pastoral, springtime world of hobbypop’, which sounds nice.


The Bordesley Centre of Contemporary Art is launching down the road on Bowyer Street, claiming ‘WE ARE BORDESLEY (SORT OF – QUITE NEAR THE SEX SHOP ON THE A45)’.  Now this looks interesting – according to the History page the centre has grown out of a ‘Bordesley Arter’s’ encounter with a drunken tramp, who bestowed upon him the mythical Bordesley Stone.  This Bordesley Stone has given the group rather strict instructions for their Grand Opening:

  • Thou shall create a unique photographic opportunity that allows people to participate in the cultural landscape of Bordesley.
  • Thou shall host a live drawing event.
  • Thou shall help BAZ (Birmingham Art Zine) by organising a stall where they will try to produce two publications in one night so they have something to show at the New Art Gallery Walsall Artists Publishing Fair in May.
  • Thou shall have music, singing and dancing and maybe some dubstep later on.
  • Thou shall display the Bordesley Stone for one and all to see in a locked, guarded room. Thou shall try to flog bits of this stone in little plastic bags.

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