Digbeth’s ‘new’ JFK mural

We have been keeping our readers up to date with the progress of the JFK mural on Floodgate Street.

Thanks to Flickr user Sparks68, we can now share some photos of the completed work; see below to watch a slideshow of Sparks68′s photos.

The mural will be officially opened on Sunday 20th January at 12:00 noon.

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3 Responses to Digbeth’s ‘new’ JFK mural

  1. Colin Aimes says:

    Is this the Original mural, or a reproduction?

    I also think it will be vandalised where its been placed.

    ( Which is why i hope its a copy! )

  2. Mark Robinson says:

    The mural above is a reworking of the original and includes Mike Nangle. It actually states that in the article on the pictures above.

    Any statue, work of art etc placed in a public space is open to vandalism. Look what happened to the Forward Statue in Centenary Square an area surrounded by numerous cctv etc.

    I think we should welcome the reworked mural as it helps to brighten an area in the middle of major rejuvenation and continues to put Birmingham on the map.

  3. The mural was previously hidden from view on the roundabout and so hopefully in Digbeth it will be clearly visible, it is an amazing piece of art work

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