Journey to the Fifth Province comes to Digbeth

When: Wednesday 18th April, 20:00
Where: Birmingham Irish Centre, 14-20 High Street, Deritend, B12 0LN
Tickets £10 / £8

Journey to the Fifth Province, the hit show of the 2011 Irish Writers’ Festival in London, will be performed at the Irish Centre in Digbeth.

Actor Donal Cox draws on the work of great Irish poets and writers to open unusual windows on life and create a dramatic narrative, with exciting music from Celtic harper Harriet Earis to accompany the journey. Language and music weave together story, character, humour and the inner Irish experience. A joyful and perceptive look at where we’ve come from, where we find ourselves now and what might inspire us in the face of an uncertain future.

On tour around the UK since September 2011, the show is building a glowing reputation. The Embassy of Ireland acknowledges its value in reaching out to successive generations of Irish people who have uprooted to the UK, reconnecting them with their cultural roots. ‘Journey to the Fifth Province’ is nonetheless accessible to all and speaks to everyone, irrespective of background heritage. It is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

A video trailer for the show follows; for further information, please contact Liz Newbery by email or phone 020 8540 2118 or 07759 662747. via email

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2 Responses to Journey to the Fifth Province comes to Digbeth

  1. Patsy Davis says:

    I am sorry I cannot come to the event this Wednesday. I booked tickets at the Irish Centre Heritage event, so please cancel them. I have to help look after my grand son. I hope you get a fabulous turn out.

  2. Pamela says:

    Hi Patsy,
    Thank you for your comment, but I unfortunately cannot cancel those tickets. Please contact Liz Newbery at

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