Protest against the planned demolition of Island House

There is a protest is planned to oppose the demolition of Island House on Wednesday 1st February at 1200pm-1.30pm (Facebook event page here). Go along if you can to show your support for the campaign to Save Island House!

This protest aims to bring this issue to the wider attention of the city’s residents. By working together we can stop the needless removal of our city’s heritage and save a wonderful building and local landmark.

On Thursday 26th January a planning application was passed to allow the demolition of the grade B locally listed Island House. It is a prominent local landmark, designed by a Birmingham architect, George Pepper, and one of only a handful of buildings more than ten years old in the Eastside development area of the city. Once Island House has been demolished the site will be restored to provide a temporary landscaped area. No one other than Quintain Estates wants this.

Quintain are claiming that the building will have to be demolished to make way for a new high-speed railway station, but this is factually inaccurate. No detailed plans have been created, and all indicative images thus far show that Island House is not in the way of the station, and could easily be incorporated into any future development.

This planned demolition is rushed and unwanted. Despite many and varied objections the Council had few options under planning law and had to approve the application. Scaffolding has already begun to appear on the building in preparation. However, an existing S106 planning agreement between the applicant, Quintain Estates, and Birmingham City Council enforces the developer to restore Island House to a good condition before demolition can go ahead. Quintain are currently trying to have this changed, and we need your support in opposing this. You can help by lodging an objection here.

For further information please see the associated facebook group.

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