Animating Digbeth: a student project


Digbeth Narrative Work reference photos by Brian Lobeda

Student Brian Lobeda develops a group Digbeth animation project ’to create an animation promoting on what Digbeth represents capturing the expression of Digbeth’s community showing its sense of place.’ The reference photos he collates as part of his work are particularly interesting, as is the in-depth video interview with Custard Factory marketeer Dave Peebles.


Visiting Digbeth by Rash Animations

It seems Rash Animations are also part of this project and have been exploring the area:

I was quite surprised at Digbeth, on the outside it doesn’t look like much but when looked closer and explored it more, I discovered it was very colourful, artistic and had combined both old and new together. It also has both famous and important places at its heart; such as The Custard Factory and Birmingham Coach Station. via email

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  1. Dave Harte says:

    Chuffed to say that I taught these students last year (for animation history/theory) – great group of students.

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