The Fools are back in Birmingham!

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The Nomadic Academy of Fools, who wowed those who experienced them at The Edge last year with their amazing interpretation of Shakespeare’s Richard II, evenings of improvised fooling performances and fooling workshops that culminated in an impromptu flashmob rendition of Give Peace A Chance in The Fountain pub, are back once more as the Theatre Of Now to shake us all up and have us playing with whatever the hell falls out.  They’re up to rather a lot, so there’s no excuse not to catch them – trust me when I say they’re well worth it.

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Shakespeare’s Richard II – Tuesday 22, Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 March at 7.30pm and 2pm on Wednesday 23 March and Friday 25 March. (suggested donation £10).  The Fools have apparently completely transformed their production since showing it at The Edge last year and are looking to perform it in front of audiences old and new.

This work is created using a delicate and intimate theatrical structure called Fooling…The structure opens up the performers’ inner world, turning us inside out, so our imaginations create the costume, props and set; our private world the paint palette for our emotions and the audience’s imagination. Then, working in complicity, we create the characters out of shapes, with several performers playing parts at the same time. Thus revealing the characters’ hidden depths and changing moods. The result is magical, detailed and rich. A visual feast, even for those who do not readily appreciate Shakespeare!


Weekend Workshop in Fooling with a Musical Tilt - Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 at 10am to 5pm both days (over 18′s only, suggested donation £60). I’ve done these workshops and they really are brilliant for all walks of life,  whether you’re a performer looking to develop or someone who just wants to be challenged, inspired and forced to step out of that restrictive comfort-shell we all create for ourselves.

It is a way for our audience to learn the structure of fooling, begin to forge a clearer relationship with their imaginative selves and become more present in performance.

On the following weekend of Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March there’s another fooling workshop with a physical theatre tilt, which ‘is emotionally rigorous and will explore physicality’. Email to book a place on either workshop weekend.

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Celebration of Spring with Ceremonial Life Drawing - An evening combining performance, ritual and fine art on Sunday 20 March from 7.30pm (suggested donation £8/£5).

During the evening, the audience will be able to draw the ‘scenes’ they see before them as the performers pose for between 2 and 20 minutes.  This performance is a celebration of the Spring Equinox.

Ceremonial Life Drawing Best via email

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  1. Tamar Whyte says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of doing a bit of performance with The Fools at The Edge, as part of the Flatpack Festival’s Outer Sight: Over Night live ten hour event on Saturday 17 March… loved it, even if I lost a nights sleep… Written a bit about it on my artist’s blog.

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