New free to use, 24-hour cashpoint in Birmingham Coach Station

Coach Station cashpoint

Coach Station cashpoint

Now here’s some momentous news – the picture above is of the new cash machine inside the Birmingham Coach Station on Digbeth High Street, which is open 24 hours.  This means that Digbeth now has a FREE TO USE cashpoint that is open AROUND THE CLOCK! Oh yes.

When I spent last New Years’ Eve in the coach station, I lost count of the number of travellers and revellers who asked the information desk in vain, “Where’s the cashpoint?” Since then, Digbeth’s come an awfully long way.  Earlier this year in April Digbeth’s first, free to use cashpoint arrived at Nisa supermarket on Digbeth High Street, thanks to the enterprising Michael the Shopkeeper.  And now we have one that’s accessible at any time of the night or day.  This festive season partygoers will have no problems getting their hands on their money. It’s a Christmas Miracle. via email

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