4am project this Sunday 17th October: Digbeth walkaround

Yes, it’s almost time for that crack-of-dawn photographic outing that is the 4am Project, ‘to gather a collection of photos from around the world at the magical time of 4am.’  Creator Karen Strunks will taking her photos in Times Square, New York but I’m guessing a fair few Brummies will also be setting their alarm clocks to capture their slightly less glamorous surroundings.

I’ll be one of the ones losing sleep this Sunday 17th October to see what delights Digbeth has to offer so early in the morning – it proved to be a real eye-opener the last time I did it here.  I’ll be starting off from Birmingham Coach Station which, as I discovered last New Year’s Eve, is open all night long.  If anyone would like to join me, I’ll be near the Birmingham Coach Station Information Desk 3.45-4.00am – it would be great to have some company!

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9 Responses to 4am project this Sunday 17th October: Digbeth walkaround

  1. Prem says:

    would be interested in coming along as most of my friends are not into photography and im rather cautious about taking my kit out in the early hours :)

  2. Please do, would love the company! I look like my picture. :)

  3. Steve Cooper says:

    I was looking to do something for this 4amproject so will join up if that’s ok

  4. Steve that’s great, look forward to seeing you! :-)

  5. Darren O'D says:

    Count me in Nicky.

    If anyone needs a lift in from Bearwood/Oldbury side of town, please shout, either DoddyOD on Flickr or twitter DM @doddyod

  6. Cheers Darren O’D, I’ve tweeted your kind offer. Looking forward to meeting you! :)


  7. Chris Gibson says:

    Anyone from Tamworth turning out for this I am looking to get a lift,will pay towards fuel costs. Contact details on my website.



  8. Prem says:

    my pictures from the 4am project, will post on flickr once i get a chance to reduce file sizes…

    Thanks for a great opportunity, I look forward to the next one :)

  9. Cheers Prem

    Was great to meet you, hope you had a good long kip afterwards – I’m still in my PJs! Hopefully see you around other Digbeth things before long. :)


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