Getgood Link: YouTube – Grand Opening of the Digbeth cashpoint

YouTube – Grand Opening of the Digbeth cashpoint – Fiona Cullinan’s marvelously narrated slideshow, telling ‘the historically significant story of the Grand Opening of Digbeth’s first free cashpoint. The event was held at Nisa Local convenience store, Digbeth High St, BIrmingham on 28 April 2010.’

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6 Responses to Getgood Link: YouTube – Grand Opening of the Digbeth cashpoint

  1. FionaC says:

    Thanks Nicky – twas a lesson in operating iMovie. Finicketty. I mean why there is a fuzz-to-sharp thing going on in each slide?

    Great job on organising the launch of the cashpoint.

    You could specialise in this type of event.

  2. I loved it, especially the title ‘local sleb’! :D

    I’m learning iMovie properly tomorrow, can’t wait to get my teeth into it.

    I’m now wondering how I’d market my speciality: ‘Getgood Events….for a weird and wonderful launch…’ ;D

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