Getgood Link: Taboo Adult Cinema – Birmingham U.K. (is not closing)

Taboo Cinema Club Birmingham

Taboo Cinema Club Birmingham bu Midge Diabolik


Taboo Adult Cinema – Birmingham U.K. – Do NOT click this link if you are reading this at work!! Anyway, the reason I’m linking to Birmingham’s Adult Cinema is because Philip Burrows, General Manager of the Birmingham Friends of the Earth Warehouse, has emailed me with the sad news that it is to close:

Just walked back from the city and passed a big for sale sign on the Taboo cinema club. I also spoke to the surveyor (who is now the laughing stock of his office for having to walk around the place) and he has confirmed that Taboo is gonna go!  Fingers crossed it won’t be a dirty man magnet for much longer.

So it seems that it won’t be showing Adult Movies ‘continuously throughout the day’ for long. I don’t know, first the Cocoon fetishwear shop closes and now this. Thank God the adult  bookshop The Book Exchange still seems to be going strong… via email

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35 Responses to Getgood Link: Taboo Adult Cinema – Birmingham U.K. (is not closing)

  1. Midge D says:

    Sad news indeed, especially as they recently repainted it a fetching shade of Brown,

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  3. Ian says:

    After visiting taboo with my partner i’ll be sorry t see it close down in the near future. it was our first visit we don’t want it t be our last

  4. rob says:

    well im sorry to have to tell you this but taboo cinema is not going to close its just the building that as been sold taboo cinema will be staying put that is a promise and i should no that so sorry friends of the earth you just have to complain about something else in life or just get one hahahaha

  5. Benn says:

    nyone fancy going sometime?

  6. Vanessaforfun says:

    Does anyone know if TV’s are welcome and if so are there any changing facilities?

  7. Midge D says:

    There’s a Yahoo Group called sexatthemovies which often has threads/comments relating to this Cinema for those interested. (i only know this cos it sometimes links to my Flickr snap and the link comes up in my referrers stats, honest).

  8. Angel Tgirl says:

    This is sad indeed. I have spent many hours dressed up in my finest sexiest lothes short skirt, undies showing and my body for sale there.
    Are they still doing the same it’s been a few years since I last went there to have some fun.
    Imagine how excited it makes a “tgirl” feel to be sexed up by LOTS of different strangers mmmm. Wonderful times.
    Long live TABOO.
    Angel xx

  9. other pete says:

    Is the new Harry Potter on yet?

  10. Think there’s a film featuring magic wands and broomsticks but don’t think it’s Harry Potter.

    I’m here all week, Ladies and Gentlemen….

  11. james says:

    thinming of going here either today or tomorrow,

    [comment moderated]

  12. I had to moderate that last comment – the weird and wonderful will get through but the overly explicit and/or sweary will not. :-)

    Cheers, Nicky

  13. neil says:

    is the cinema still open?

  14. I honestly don’t know Neil. The website is still live.

    Thanks, Nicky

  15. neil says:

    mite be best to ring them and see if the number is still in use

  16. young lad says:

    I love the place, as a young guy its the perfect place for me to get to meet mature guys and have fun. they can still get me on msn as damn will miss the place

  17. john says:

    Hi new to this went adult world weekend but dissapointed nothing really happened or allowed to do u know any where good to go only 29 so quite young compared to pple in there

  18. Stellapeter says:

    We are a mature couple both 63, who happened upon the XXX Amsterdam sex shop in Digbeth. It was our first time in a sex shop and we were very nervous. We looked around wondering what all the things were for and as we were leaving the nice polite men who run the shop asked us if we would like to see the cinema downstairs. It’s free for couples they said, just go down and have a look. We hesitantly went down into the darkened cinema where a porn film was being shown and about eight men sat about. We had a cuddle and a sheepish fondle and it was really nice down there, not like we had imagined at all. We left and as we were driving home my wife said she would like to go back there and take her dress off next time. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Well we did go back a few weeks later and true to her word she stood up and lifted her dress over her head and stood there in just her bra and knickers and holdups. We’ve been back a few times now and she really enjoys the nice men there who don’t bother us at all and are happy to just watch what we are doing.

  19. mikekn says:

    I am taking a lady to the Amsterdam on Wednesday. But you will have to guess the time

  20. Broadmindedcpl says:

    We go when we can get there – we have become more adventurous each time. Now my partner has a fondle of the men and lets herself get fondled too. Not sure when we are going again but looking forward to it!

  21. ninja says:

    wife and i went to taboo 2 weeks ago and she let them all play ,horniest thing ive ever seen . going was my idea but now she says shes definitely going back again to see how far the punters there will go . i cant wait ,makes my mind boggle

  22. neil says:

    sounds great ninja, was there many couples in there or was it mainly men.

  23. Mike hunt says:

    I’m new to this how much does it cost and where can I find out what’s showing

  24. I really don’t know Mike, sorry – this webpage isn’t anything to do with Taboo, it’s just a random blog post about its potential closure that’s gotten rather strange in the comments.

    Can I reiterate Midge’s suggestion that those looking to talk about their Taboo experiences or find out more about the place join

  25. ninja says:

    going to taboo on friday mrs is looking forward to it again !!!

  26. phil says:

    Ive been 2 taboo many times. Usually alone. now i am looking for someone 2 go with me. a horny lady would be great company ( and fun!) Any interested ladies can reach me on or 07593253012.

  27. ninja says:

    taking the mrs on saturday .she wants to stand up the back and let all the horny fellas strip and use her

  28. Elvis03 says:

    Ninja, what time will you be going? Would love to take part. Have long been interested in this kind of thing but never been lucky enough to really see it in action.

  29. Steve Derby says:

    anyone especially females going to taboo on 2nd dec wanna experience my first time in an adult cinema

  30. Ed & Dawn says:

    We are interested in going to Taboo or similar cinema in the New Year. Dee wants to be the centre of attention of those present and let her hair down. She is a big BBW and wonders if she would attract many men. [comment moderated]

  31. steve smith says:

    hi ED and DAWN you’ll get plenty of attention loads of men love BBWs hope you enjoy and would love to know what happens

  32. Craig p says:

    Hi all would love to go to one of there clubs to watch a couple play very nervous bi curious guy , if anyone can help please email me at , I’m in Cov

  33. Paddy says:

    I am going to Taboo or Amsterdam on Wednesday 1st February, should be there about midday [comment moderated]

  34. I see there is now a Message Board at – where regulars and newcomers to Taboo Cinema can talk to each other freely. As they’re providing this service, I’ll close comments on this post.