Live Metal & Sardines.

Two quickies (Ooo-er) for Saturday, Black Scorpion Promotions put on their usual quality fare of underated Midlands Metal at The Old Wharf with Eradikator, Malacite & I Hate You More all for the bargain price of FREE!!.

Meanwhile just up the road at the Adam & Eve local long serving punk stalwarts GBH play a ‘low key’(?) gig to promote their new album. Five oncers admission BUT i should warn you these gigs attract  huge local support and the place WILL be packed so get there early to avoid dissapointment.(no Flyer, maybe because it’s low key?)

I won’t be able to make either because i’ll be making bleepy whistly noises at  Fizzpop’s Theremin workshop in the afternoon with a live performance  in the evening by Ms Hypnotique, (afternoon workshop sold out but there’s still tickets available for the evening performance).

A vibrant noisy DigBeth allround :) .

Midge via email

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