fizzPOP’s Theremin Day at The Edge on Sat 24th April

Here’s a little film of Mr Underwood at the end of a very busy Theremin Day at The Edge last Saturday, looking tired but happy.  He’d teamed up with the fizzPOP crew to help people build their own optical theremins during the day, a selection of which are here:

The star of the day was most definitely Julia Gilbert’s big apple:

Catnip's Optical Theremin apple

I didn’t make the theremin-making workshop but there’s a great write-up by  genzai·chi (Nikki Pugh), who also talks about the concert later that evening, which I did go along to.  As Nikki says, it started off with ‘a selection of short films exploring the historical, technical and fun sides of the theremin’ including this brilliant one of Super Mario Bros. theme tune.

Then we got a set from from 8bit Pete and his Thingamagoops, of which Antonio Roberts took some nice photos:

8bit Pete by hellocatfood

8bit Pete by hellocatfood

I particularly liked the fact that it was as much a light show as a music set of bleepy-bloppiness.  Pete managed to capture on film the performance that followed his – what Nikki describes as ‘Mr Underwood’s performance of Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music for optical theremin’ actually seemed to be a giant Newton’s Cradle office toy made out of torches, that emitted an increasingly intense hum which reverberated inside your ears.  It was pretty amazing.

Last but by no means least was Ms Hypnotique playing her live theremin set, giving us nice informative introductions to the instrument, its history and the pieces she performed.  It was great when she told us how Simon Cowell described her theremin playing as, “Who would buy this shit?…He kind of missed the point of what makes the theremin special.”  I’ll bet he did.

Nikki Pugh has a video of her playing the Doctor Who theme tune, for the sci-fi fans amongst you.  As for now, there’s no rest for the busy fizzPOP crew – they’ve barely time to pause for breath before their 2-week residency at The Lombard Method begins this Saturday 1st May.  Everyone is welcome to join them at the launch event this Saturday at 12-6pm, as long as you muck in and help them build an improbable machine:

Entry is free, but we really need you to bring some random stuff to help make the contraption truly great….Whatever evolves out of this crazy idea, the end results will be highly influenced by your contributions. Bring random stuff and a willingness to tinker with things until they work.  All are welcome.  We might also try and sell you cake. via email

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