FizzPop vs. Lombard

(Photo via Fizzpop's Niki Pugh, click image for more pictures)

Another great Digbeth collaboration ahead when the Fizzpop hackery collective get a two week residency at the newly founded  Lombard Method.

“…What would happen if it was really easy to collaborate with someone with a different speciality?

What would happen if there were regular opportunities for ideas and interfaces to be tried out on a participating audience so that projects can be tested and tweaked fast and often?

What would happen if…?

Come and find out with us. We’ll be holding a launch event on Saturday May 1st and several workshops throughout the course of the residency, culminating in an open studio event on the weekend of May 15th and 16th.”

I must confess a slight vested interest here as i occasionally attend Fizzpop sessions and if  i know anything at all it’s that you can expect an unusual artistic fusion of the Blinky, the Pixely and the Noisy .

Midge via email

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