The Event Launch

Today sees the big bang launch of The Event – a myriad of art exhibitions, installations and happenings around Digbeth way.  They’ve had some initial tours of the  venues – you can see a round-up of yesterday’s tour on The Event’s blog.

One highlight is the gorgeous old warehouse space that is The Lombard Method being used for Crowd6‘s exhibition, which has a slightly filmic feel to it.  Remember cult 80′s sci-fi comedy Inner Space?  Remember the pair of glasses the teeny-tiny spaceship got sneezed onto at the end?

There’s also a scary horror to balance things out in the shape of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.  All work and no play….

Whilst you’re there take the trouble to walk up to the top floor to see the projection piece, a lovely work that brings the building’s industrial past to life.

Another new space being showcased is the Grand Union on Fazeley Street, which should make you smile.

One thing that made me smile was The Family, who claim they aren’t a cult. They just like group music-making, exercises such as ‘Waking The Sun’ and translating messages from their god Baby sent via a blue bunny on Ana’s chest. That’s all.

On the move over The Event is the Transit Station, who have taken the pound store approach to marketing.  Watch out for the truck and cute Morris Minor.

Whilst you’re wandering around Digbeth experiencing all the wonderful art, be sure to take time to stop for a chat on Digbeth High Street.

To enjoy some green space in the midst of all that gritty urban, check out the Pigeon Project in Rea Garden on Floodgate Street.

And once your art trek is finished, relax over a pint of The Event Ale at The Anchor.

The event is on until this Sunday 8th Nov, so you’ve the whole weekend to get around it. via email

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3 Responses to The Event Launch

  1. FionaHandscomb says:

    Dammit – this looks ace. Right up my street (not literally as I don’t live in Digbeth) but I’m oop North from now til 9th Nov. Boo :(

    Have fun, people!

  2. Hate to say this Fiona, but it rocks. You’re missing out, hun. Sorry!

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