Echoes From The Edge

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Last Saturday I finally got to experience Friction Arts’ Echoes From The Edge. And that really is the only verb to use here – you don’t go and see it, or watch it, or look at stuff and play with it a bit – you totally immerse yourself in and experience artistic interpretations of people’s memories of Digbeth and Highgate.

The installations are pretty amazing, none of which I want to spoil by giving too much away. But as you go through them you see, hear, touch and smell young and older people’s memories of the area, their journeys to and from here and trinkets and experiences (good and bad) they’ve collected along the way.  After which get the chance to tell your own stories and share your impressions over a nice cup of tea.

It really bought the Digbeth of past and present to life and I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s one not to be missed and I can see myself getting quite annoying in my quest to get everyone I know to go.

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Nick Booth recently bought my attention to James Yarker’s review of the Ikon Gallery’s John Wood and Paul Harrison exhibition, which ended with the immortal ‘leave only your pets behind.’ I read that line, loved it and then felt very jealous for not having thought of it myself for Echoes From The Edge. So I’m just nicking it: take all of your nearest and dearest because they’ll love it just as much as I do and leave only your pets behind. Apart from well-behaved dogs, I can imagine dogs feeling quite at home. You’ll see why when you get there. Double check the dog thing with Friction Arts when you call 0121 772 5185 or fill in the online form to book.  Echoes From The Edge is on until 30th May. via email

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